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A unique, patented world-first technology

The world’s only two-pipe Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system that exchanges heat between refrigerant and water using our unique Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC), which can reduce the use of refrigerant on the outdoor side and keep the piping in the indoor space refrigerant-free.


Compatible with a wide range of applications

Air or water source units connect to the Hybrid Branch Controller by a two-pipe refrigerant system allowing for simultaneous heating and cooling in the same way as standard VRF.


Faster installation with a smaller footprint

Hybrid VRF uses the same CITY MULTI® N-Generation outdoor units as VRF with a newly added capacity range ensuring a more efficient installation that requires less space.


Extreme performance

WR2-Series units are easily installed indoors, which means that system performance efficiency is independent of extreme outdoor ambient temperatures. WR2-Series offer the additional benefit of being able to reduce refrigerant charge in the overall system and can share energy between systems on the condenser loop.


Exponentially scalable

Flexible enough for any application, from modern designs to historic renovations, the Hybrid VRF system features a modular design system. As a result, it is just as scalable as traditional VRF systems and a perfect fit for any size building.


Energy efficient, environmentally sound

Hybrid VRF provides the potential for reducing refrigerant volume in each system as well as the ability to easily change to lower GWP refrigerants as regulations continue to evolve. Hybrid VRF offers a lower carbon footprint than traditional alternative HVAC systems while providing the same efficiency and comfort.

30-40% less overall refrigerant charge per system
No refrigerant in occupied spaces
Future Proof flexibility to easily adapt to market regulations

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